How Can You Support Employees with Seasonal Affective Disorder? Many people experience a dip in their mood when the seasons change. However, for 5% of the working population, this low point slides deeper into sadness and even depression, classified as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Though the Mayo Clinic acknowledges that the specific cause of
Meet MEG: a valued division of Medlogix The founders of Michigan Evaluation Group (M.E.G.), John Welsh and Phillip Lewis, (both now retired) brought 30+ years of combined claims management industry experience to the table when they launched MEG in 1999. As a provider of direct nationwide access to accredited and
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and COVID-19 The effects of a global pandemic are still being uncovered as the COVID-19 crisis and emerging delta variants have introduced prolonged stress and fear into our daily lives. Understanding the link between mental health and COVID-19 is an essential area of study, as many psychiatric
Medlogix, Over 41 Years in the Making: A Q&A with President, Craig Goldstein Craig Goldstein started his career as a temp in the mailroom of Computer Sciences Corporation. Work ethic and a knack for the industry afforded him growth in the company into a medical claims adjuster role. Eventually, he
Road travel during the pandemic was severely limited, particularly during typical vacation months. However, this year, as families plan summer vacation road trips and professionals are back at work or in a hybrid environment, a large influx of medical claims may be coming as the post COVID era begins. Statistically,